History of The Peterís Rock/New Friendship Missionary Baptist Church

In the early 1930ís, the late Reverend J. W. Powell, along with a small band of Christians were inspired by Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to come together and erect an edifice to glorify the Lord in. Some of the organizers of the church included Bro. Joe Mason, Bro. Prather, Bro. Wallace Sanders, Bro. John Beard, Bro. George Dewey, (all deacons), Sis. Nancy Sanders, Sis. Lelia Smith, Sis. Rosa Weston, Bro. Son Carr and Bro. John Moore.

After the death of the founder, Rev. Powell, the congregation elected several ministers to feed our souls the word of God; they were, Rev. Jones, Rev. Frank Mayfield, Rev. Sanford, Rev. Edward and Rev Dawson. In 1959, the congregation elected Rev. Booker T. Higgins as leader of this Christian flock.

At various periods of time during the churchís existence, we found the need to worship at various locations. The first building, constructed of wood and tar paper, couldnít withstand the elements; wind, rain, and cold weather. The membership held it services at St. Luke Baptist Church and J. W. Wilson Funeral Home during the construction of a new edifice at 1497 Gold Avenue.

After the election of Rev. B. T. Higgins, and under his leadership, the congregation voted to build a new edifice on this site. The congregation co-worshipped with the Pillow Street C. M. E. Church for three months while the new edifice was being built. On September 19, 1960 the congregation marched from Pillow Street back to the new building at 1497 Gold Avenue. The congregation voted to change the name of the new building from Peter;s Rock M. B. Church to New Friendship M. B. C.

On March 8, 1995, the Lord called our dear Pastor Higgins to rest.

On January 14, 1996 our present pastor, Rev. Paul K Reed, was elected to serve as our spiritual leader and was duly installed on September 15, 1996. Pastor Reed is a leader with a great vision. Under his leadership a bigger edifice has been erected at our present location, 1490 Gold, directly across the street from 1497 Gold. The church continues to grow spiritually, financially, and numerically. We are humbly grateful for Godís marvelous blessings bestowed on our church, our rich heritage and renewed determination to reap a great harvest of souls to bring glory and honor to our Lord.